How to troubleshoot AOL Broadband

AOL Broadband provides its customers with fast access to internet, through its specific features and delivery of content. If the customer of AOL Broadband encounters an issue with the service, a number of troubleshooting measures can be taken by him to resolve it. These troubleshooting steps generally cover all the common issues.

Firstly the AOL Broadband user experiencing an issue with his connection must check his internet connection, for it is very much likely that the connection may have been interrupted. If the user has engaged a wired connection, the modem and the Ethernet cord need to be checked. For checking these settings the Wireless Connection Utility box in the system tray of Windows needs to be checked.

For checking the router settings, the router set up utility on the user’s computer needs to be entered. The user should also see if the owners manual of his router for specifics, for the process is likely to vary depending on models.

The user can also benefit from the One-Click Fix software of AOL Broadband. If the user has not installed this software already he needs to do it at the earliest as it is quiet convenient to be downloaded via an AOL browser. Now the user should check his anti virus and Firewall software. If the issue is not spotted and corrected by the One-Click Fix software, the Firewall or anti-virus software could be denying it access to the internet. Here the user simply needs to open his software and add AOL Broadband to the white or allowed list.


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