How to Remove Modem Drivers

For practically getting any piece of hardware found on a computer to work, the user needs to have driver files, which are used by the system to understand the devices’ control.

Windows has generic drivers, which often work even if the user does not have the specific drivers prepared for the hardware. At times, nonetheless, te drivers of Windows or even of the manufacturers cause problems for the system. Such conditions warrant for deletion and re-installation of drivers. Deleting the drivers helps in ensuring that they are not accidentally used in the future.

To remove modem drivers, the user should first locate the driver. For this he needs to visit the control panel and select System. Now the Hardware tab should be accessed to click on Device Manager. Under modems, the user can find the drivers he needs to delete.

By right-clicking on the modem and selecting Properties, the user can move to choose Driver tab and click Driver Details. Here the driver name as well as the location can be found.

Now the modem that comes under the Device Manager needs to be deleted. The device will not function without the drivers, therefore the user needs to have them reinstalled.

Now the user needs to search for the driver name. For this he needs to click on Search in the Start menu and select For Files and Folders. Here he has to choose All Files and Folders and enter the name of the driver. By selecting the entire hard drive for searching he needs to delete any other locations where the driver is located.

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