How to Connect to Internet After Installing an Ethernet Card

The world has been literally revolutionised by the internet. If the user is a novice to internet , he may have a few technical catching up to do for getting himself accustomed with the vogue concept.

If the first measure was to install the Ethernet card, the next – the all important – connecting to the internet is not at all complex, instead is quite exciting.

To connect to the internet following Ethernet card installation the user should select a broadband provider (ISP). The broadband service provider is the predominant step to be taken by the user to get online form his home.

There are a number of telephone (DSL) and cable companies that provide broadband internet to the people of the United Kingdom. The user needs to carefully evaluate the reliablity, cost and the offered download speed while selecting a broadband provider.

Now the user needs to set up the broadband internet connection. He can set it up either by himself or he can ask the ISP to send a representative of its for completing the process. If doing by himself, the user should see that the cable is connected either from phone or cable outlet to a modem, after which to a router and in the end to the Ethernet card.

Now the user can open the internet browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) to get online. It is likely that the programme may ask the user a few set up questions initially. Once the answers to these questions are provided the user will be online.


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