How Does AOL Broadband Work?

AOL Broadband is a software that works in tandem with an existing fast broadband internet connection. As a matter of fact, AOL Broadband that does not provide actual broadband internet connections, refers to the name of  AOL software, which has been optimised for superfast broadband internet connections such as DSL and cable broadband connections.

When a user of AOL Broadband upgrades his internet connection to a fast DSL, fios, cable or satellite broadband service, he is provided with the option of carrying on using AOL as his main browser the internet access point. The broadband types available depend on the geographic location of the user.

A few ISPs offer integrated software to access web and the email, as most of them work with the web browsers of the times such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. AOL software becomes a web browser based on the software when it is used with a broadband connection, enabling the consumers to continue accessing AIM, AOL content and chatrooms.

AOL consumers can start up the service once a broadband service has been selected and installed. The software then will detect the fresh broadband internet connection. The consumer of AOL Broadband will also be provided with the option of continuing using his existing paid AOL service beside his broadband connection or to change his account to the AOL free service, which works just as an AOL browser over broadband.


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