‘Home Fibre’ broadband service at 1Gbps offered by Relish Wireless

The fixed-wireless ISP operating in London and Swindon, Relish Wireless, has offered on their website a new range of ‘Home Fibre’ broadband plans. The ISP, which had been acquired by Three UK, claims to offer to customers a “full fibre experience”. Apparently ultrafast speeds of 50Mbps to 1Gbps (download) are promised and the service can be set up within 5 working days. There are no installation fee, or any hidden charges, and comes with unlimited usage over a 12-month contract, plus a ‘Home Hub’ router with no landline needed, as per their website. The site offers three primary packages. Relish Home Fibre Unlimited 1Gbps comes at £70 (inclusive of VAT) per month, whereas the monthly rate of Home Fibre Unlimited 250 Mbps is £40 and it is £25 for the Home Fibre Unlimited 50Mbps.

Their offer to install the service within 5 working days indicate their fixed wireless infrastructure is already in place and ready. However, Relish has so far struggled to achieve the 40Mbps that they had originally advertised and so the ISP would need to make a major upgrade to bring things around. Three UK, which owns Relish, has hinted upon their plans to make use of Relish to promote a fixed-wireless network, capable of serving 40% of the population in UK. However there has been no update seen so far.

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