Pipex Home Broadband Not For Businesses


The popular internet service provider of the UK, Pipex broadband services, recently revealed that nearly two thirds of the British small businesses still relied on a home broadband connection for their routine use that very much amounted to professional use. Pipex had held a survey participating nine hundred small business owners, 64 percent among whom disclosed that they, as their most frequent mode of getting connected to the internet, engaged a home broadband connection. Only the rest, resorted to a business broadband connection

Pipex, along with their findings also advises the errants that they should immediately think over shifting to the regulation business broadband package. The main reason put forth by the UK ISP is the high risk involved in the consumer grade connectivity. They say that, as a home connection package does not possess the same access speeds and service levels that are the hallmarks of a business broadband connection package, it could prove troublesome more often than not.

However, Pipex Broadband, one broadband provider in the UK who specialises in business broadband connections, was optimistic about the research’s finding that broadband was a significant business tool that could revolutionise the business sector. It says that broadband can even change some conventional business perspectives, such as an office deemed as the preferred working environment than home.

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