Hammersmith and Fulham to roll out Fibre Broadband to 2,000 more premises

Openreach has bagged the contract to roll-out their ‘up to’ 80Mbps capable superfast broadband network, on FTTC technology, to reach a further 2,000 premises, from the Hammersmith and Fulham Council in London. Currently, around 95% of the area already get access to a superfast broadband network, capable of 24Mbps+. This announcement earlier in the month means this will add to the coverage by Openreach.

The council also points to the hybrid fibre ‘G.fast’ technology, capable of 330Mbps, being used in pilot projects in Hammersmith and Parsons Green, that could lead to future development. The council also notes that the ongoing partnership with the ITS Technology Group to install a dedicated ‘fibre-optic network’, will benefit local businesses. The local authority has allowed access to 19km of its CCTV ducts underground to help ITS, as part of the project, to install the fibre network. Local businesses can email to lbhf@itstechnologygroup.com, for more information. The ITS wbsite (http://www.itstechnologygroup.com/our-networks/hammersmith-fulham/) has more details on this.

MD for Infrastructure Delivery at Openreach, Kim Mears, congratulating the council said they welcome the council’s approach as they are keen to increase fibre broadband access in the borough and will be able to expand coverage in the coming months, also exploring the options to ensure delivery, wherever it is viable commercially for them.

The council’s Cabinet Member for economic development, Councillor Andrew Jones, said they wanted to provide the borough with the perfect environment for surviving, growth and start ups. He stressed that superfast broadband is key to improving productivity, improve customer satisfaction and save money.

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