Half a Million trapped in Broadband Slow Lane

Fresh figures produced for the internet connections have revealed that abour half a million people across the Durham and North Yorkshire region were still trapped in something that can be rightly called the ‘broadband slow lane’.

In a few parts of North Yorkshire and Durham counties, approximately four out of ten people were reported to be living in areas affected by sluggish broadband internet speeds. This falls amid clear warnings that the potential housebuyers could be turned off the idea of moving to here.

The broadband blackspots according to the figures are the constituencies of North-West Durham with 46.2 per cent affected residents, Richmond with 39.9 per cent, Thirsk and Malton with 38 per cent and North Durham with 37.6 per cent.

Only about 125 people in the constituency of Middlesborough, in stark contrast, lacked fast broadband, with  Darlington with 3.1 percent, Redcar with 3.2 per cent and Central York with five per cent revelling as the areas that are well served.

The unveiling of figures came just days before the announcement coming from the government of a second wave of pilot areas to receive aid for superfast broadband connections expansion.

Meanwhile, a funding bid of GBP 9 million has been submitted by Durham County Council for joining the project that promises speeds of up to 50Mbps to the remote areas that are unlikely to be reached by the commercial internet service providers.

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