Great Connection Guarantee by TalkTalk

One of the ISPs TalkTalk has announced that they have introduced a new offer of “Great Connection Guarantee” to their FTTC based faster fibre broadband services. It is only applicable to new customers and not for existing customers. When the subscribers are not satisfied, the new feature enables them to enjoy no penalty while leaving the services within 30 days of opting for connection become live.

This new Great Connection Guarantee is provided to the customers additionally as a compliment to the Fixed Low Price Plans. Under these plans, the prices will remain same throughout the contract period even though there may be rise in price. And TalkTalk will also be ready to offer of “re-contract” to get the benefits as new customers.

TalkTalk’s Group Marketing Director – David Parslow said that great connectivity is really very important and becoming a part of life in modern households. That is the reason they are offering Great connection guarantee as added offer for reassurance. They feel confident that the customers will get satisfied on this and they have been making investments in enhancing their network and developing router yet, with a Wi-Fi signal as a best one.

The new feature is working as an extension of the cooling off period that many ISPs adopt which TalkTalk gives for a month guarantee instead of two weeks. If the customers want to cancel within 30 days, they can contact 0345 172 0088. the customers will be charged for the usage until the date of cancellation and they will not get back one time set up or delivery charges.

We should note that recently Ofcom revised Broadband Speed code of practice which provides some additional protection similar to this service say if the speed falls below the minimum guaranteed the customers will get a chance to leave the service.

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