Government suggest to refine legal content

MPs of cross party group called for a widespread refining of the internet service all over the UK. The proposal submitted but the group has said that broadband provider have obligation to remove the inappropriate internet content for the benefit of the children. This announcement also indicates that the coalition government has lack of proper understanding about the latest technologies.

These proposals suffer for four main reasons. It is necessary to be clear about the contented that is cited. The inappropriate content and pornography that they have suggested to refine is legal. The content may be which we don’t want to view or believes it to be socially unacceptable while it is legal. On behalf of internet service providers as well as for major internet website, internet watch foundation voluntarily acts like a police of the internet and the law has marked child pornography as an illegal content.

Secondly, these policies are not similar to the proposal that of china and Russia have brought forth for the international governance for the internet service although they fall under a different rule in matters of national security. Both Russia and china with the help of others are drafting an international broadband regulation accords in relation with international telecommunication union treaties that provide UN content for regulation to ensure cyber security. due to which the cross party group is suggesting that the UK government should regulate as well as manage the legal content like china and Russia has proposed.

Thirdly, it will be a greatest challenge to filter for legal pornography to attain technically by ISPs. At present ISPs is not in a position to monitor as well as manage certain types of internet traffic daily. But if ISPs in order to control certain types of content have to change their business polices. This will be a hindrance in the lay out of most necessary latest broadband infrastructure.

Fourthly, the government with all this proposal wants to imply that they are more concerned then the parents in matters of children protection. But the parents want to give the best to their child and are acquainted with its problems. The government with this poor survey suffers due to its lack of proper knowledge of the issue that the country faces at present.

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