Google utilize social network data

Google has announced a latest semantic search engine that will make the search of information easier instead of linking to web pages powered by data on the Google+ profiles. The Knowledge Graph first tries to analysis the queried object is instead of considering it as a string of random alphabets or characters.

The senior vice president of engineering on the Google blog, Mr. Amit Singal said that by recognizing the distinction in the meaning of the words, it is possible for Google to offer more intelligent search results.

Singal stated that knowing the search difficulty is the main cause of their labouring on a smart model such as geek-speak and grasp that understands entities from the living world along with their connection to one another in matters of things.

The Knowledge Graph will display the search result in the side panel of the page that surfaces additional facts about the subject. Google showed its benefit with an example of Leonardo Da Vinci search result that displayed a brief biography, photo, his paintings as well as other painter of the age.

Google is going to employ public sources like Wikipedia, Freebase and the CIA’s World Factbook, meanwhile it develop its own database that already has objects of 500 million with 3.5billion information about them. Google has also affirmed to PC Pro that they also will be utilizing Google+ data.

They are combining and blending the sources, adding Knowledge Graph connections as well as Google+ profiles in order to offer most relevant information. A statement by a spokesperson said that this help Google to know people properly and their association.

Google has launched its latest search tool in the US and when it will roll out the tool in the UK is not known.

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