Gillingham to get own Wi-Fi hotspot, with 5 other Dorset towns

A scheme to give Gillingham its own municipal wireless network will dramatically improve Wi-Fi coverage in the town centre. In fact, 5 towns of North Dorset, thanks to the Dorset County Council’s initiative- Superfast Broadband, would be getting their own public wireless network. The towns of Salbridge Blandford Forum, Sturminster Newton, Shafesbury and of course Gillingham, will be ensuring that their residents and visitors get access to the the web through their smartphones around their towns. Availability of the free network will be publicised by signs to be put up across the towns.

Each of the towns will put up their own landing page for visitors and users to log into the system. It would provide local businesses opportunities to promote their trade, besides offering information on the town’s facilities, like the transport system there, or where to eat and sleep, the places to visit, or local walks there and in surrounding areas. Larger towns in the county, such as Bournemouth and Dorchester, have such a system already existing. Representatives of these and other towns too have discussed the roll-out of Wi-Fi hotspots in North Dorset, in meetings. In one such a meeting in July, councillors voted unanimously to further promote research on how the scheme can be practically worked out and on what are the likely costs.

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