Gaming Broadband Problem Revealed by Virgin Media

Recently, gamers that used the broadbandservices of Virgin Media to play online have complained of some problems. This has been revealed by some credible reports.

As a matter of fact, Virgin Media, the leading cable broadband provider in the United Kingdom has received numerous complaints from the ardent online gaming customers of theirs, especially from that who played particular PC titles who complained of being staying hit the recent week, by problems linked to high latency. Following this, the ISP have revealed that they had started work to fix the issue.

Meanwhile, it is also understood that the problem is linked to the depth to which the broadband service provider prioritises online traffic to ensure the optimal available service. This is highly warranted for the reason that a few games might have been left recognized incorrectly by its systems.

The manager for help and support for the Virgin Media forum, Mark Wilkin, in one of his posting wrote that they were apologetic for the issue being left unhandled for so long. He added that they were working relentlessly to get this issue fixed as early as they could.

It was only at the beginning of this week the broadband service of Virgin Media got affected by a series of broadband outages , leaving the customers struggling to access the website of the company and others complaining of connection problems.

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