“Flash Sale” on Virgin Media’s ultrafast Standalone Cable Broadband packages.

Virgin Media, one of the biggest ISPs in UK, has started a “Flash Sale”, by offering price cuts from existing discounts offered on their ultrafast packages from 50Mbps to 300Mbps services on the standalone cable broadband service. New customers will be able to avail this offer up to the 11th October. This price cut apples to the 12-month contract and not on the 30-day contract option which is also provided. The deal comes with a Hub wireless router, access to the providers Wi-Fi hotspots across UK, comes with unlimited usage and free email, with parental control/internet security. However, a one-off activation charge of £20 apples and some customers may be charged for a standard installation at £40.

The “Flash Sale” prices will apply on a 12-month contract and prices change thereafter. It will be as follows: Vivid 50Mbps is £25 per month (and £33 thereafter); Vivid 100Mbps is £30 (and £38 thereafter); Vivid 200Mbps is £35 (and £43 thereafter); and Vivid 300Mbps is £40 (and £48 thereafter). The provider is also offering a Flash Sale from 9th October to 18th October on their Full House TV Sports Bundle, for the 200Mb and 300Mb packages.

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