First pilot rollout in N. Ireland is at Antrim, confirms BT

With the telecoms giant BT confirming Antrim in Northern Ireland (NI) is to benefit from a pilot rolout of broadband technology, doubts have been put to rest regarding their ultrafast plans for NI. Earlier none of the G.fst pilot locations initially announced included a place in NI. But this unveil has changed all that as 4,000 premises in this town on the banks of the Six Mile Water, would benefit soon.

Around 38,000 premises in UK have already got the ultrafast service in the current pilot rollout by BT, but a majority of the premises fall in England and very few are found in Scotland and Wales. BT Ireland has unveiled their plans to expand the coverage to reach 200,000 properties in NI, by the end of 2020. The pilot is a final step by BT before the full commercial deployment begins, aiming to reach 10 million premises by 2020.

The MD of Networks at BT Ireland, Mairead Meyers, said that one of the first location in the UK to get ultrafast speeds using technology, will be parts of Antrim. She added that their recent rollout in Newtownards proved very successful for its residents and they look forward to offer the same benefits to those in Antrim.

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