First connected British Airways aircraft offers free WiFi onboard

British Airways is offering free WiFi access on-board flights, in partnership with Visa, for browsing. The carrier is gradually deploying WiFi connectivity on their long-haul aircraft fleet. So, those who find themselves on one of their fist connected aircraft can be lucky to get an hour of free browsing, but for a limited time.

The usual cost for an hour online with the Browse option, is £4.99 for 1 hour. Or for the faster Stream option that can support streaming of entertainment, which includes Netflix, it will be £7.99 per hour. Previously, these options offered were named as Simply Connect and Connect Plus, but the names of the options apparently have been changed by BA.

The British carrier has plans, over the next 2 years, to fit WiFi on 118 of their long-haul aircraft, but according to BA, so far only 3 have been connected. The aircraft need modifications to install the GoGo-enabled WiFi service. When boarding the aircraft, passengers are informed of the WiFi fitment and the free WiFi service is available about 10 minutes after the aircraft’s take-off, when it has reached 10,000 feet.

According to the director of brand and customer experience at BA, Carolina Martinoli, for their customers staying connected is important, as they want to be able to browse, stream and work in the air. Over the next few years, customers can look forward to enjoy on their long-haul fleet the latest generation of Wifi, she added.

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