Fibre-optic technology now second-biggest in the world

The Broadband Forum, a global consortium of leading industry players including institutions and consultants, has joined with Point Topic, a leading resource for broadband market data and analysis, to make a study. An interesting fact discovered is that the fibre-optic based ISP technology (using FTTx) has gone ahead of cable technologies (like of Virgin Media) to become, after the DSL platform, the 2nd largest platform of connectivity. The world has now a total of 635.9 million subscribers for broadband.

It has been found that fibre-optic based services have 125 million subscribers. On the other hand, cable accounts for 121 million subscribers. The dominant form of access/connectivity remains with pure copper/DSL services with 367 million subscribers. Fibre optic and hybrid fibre-optic technologies have been gradually taking over the share from existing copper-wire DSL customer base. Slowing down of conversion to broadband observed, is a sign of saturation in maturing markets. Globally, overall total of subscribers grew by 2%, during 2nd to 3rd Quarter of 2012. new fibre-optic based adoption accounts to 48% which is a large 26 million subscribers.

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