FibreSpeed of North Wales an independent business now

FibreSpeed of North Wales is no longer government funded and has announced that it is an independent commercial communications business. It was earlier established in 2009 by the Welsh Government, GEO Networks and EU. It was given the task of building a fibre-optic communications network across North Wales. The network now covers from Holyland to right across into Manchester.

FibreSpeed does not serve consumers and is a wholesale provider for Service Providers. The network runs along the northern coastline, built to connect the business park and supply local ISP projects. It still claims to be part of the government’s Digital Wales programme and gives support to economic development, but is no longer government funded. It claims to have a £1 million annual turnover. Its new Network Investment Plan aims to expand further its network, increase capacity and reliability. FibreSpeed asserts that it has introduced competition into an area where it was non-existent by its state-of-the-art infrastructure built and modern technology.

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