Fell End in Cumbria begins laying fibre optic cables for broadband

The Fell End project for broadband connectivity is being pushed by the Ravenstonedale Parish Council and the project has begun laying of the new fibre optic cable over the area. Installation of the primary ducting for the cables has started this week, that will connect the 58 premises spread over an area of 11 kilometres. The Fell End Broadband scheme has funding from the council (£34,000) and from the RCBF (£17,400). Other sources of funding have also been brought in, namely, from the giant BT, from TalkTalk, from the Holehird Trust and also from the Prince’s Countryside Fund.

Local businesses and homes in Ravenstonedale (in Cumbria, England) earlier could only get download speeds that were below 0.5Mbps. However, once completed, the project envisages delivery of broadband speeds right up to 80Mbps on the new fibre lines. A 70% uptake is expected and the first connections of the new fibre service could be in time for Christmas, in the cabled area.

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