Keep your fax line, says AAISP

Don’t axe your fax! Not surprisingly we nowadays see that many businesses and organisations have started cancelling their fax services, as they don’t realise that the same fax line is being used for broadband too. ISP Andrews and Arnold (AAISP) has been warning companies to think before cancelling or disconnecting their fax line. Fax or facsimile machines were once the mainstay of communication in many organisations. With the arrival of dial-up modems and broadband lines/cables the scenario changed completely. Fax machines are being phased out, considered as redundant, more so in the recent years.

The machine that can scan your document or picture to transmit it across, as data, over your phone lineĀ  to another compatible machine elsewhere, can work parallel to the broadband, on the same line. This line canĀ  be used as a backup. If your Accounts department is not advised properly by the IT department, the Accounts department could make the mistake of cancelling the fax services. If there is no back-up when the broadband line fails, for some reason or other, it could be an unfortunate situation for most businesses. Then, realising this mistake, you may have to reinstate your line from BT again, incurring expenses. Adrian Kennard, the Director of AAISP, says in many offices the same telephone/fax line is an analogue line suitable for broadband as they work on ISDN phone systems typically. ADSL signals can work separately with Voice calls on the same line.

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