Facebook should turn off its facial recognition technology

Billy Hawkes who is the Irish Data Protection Commissioner has ordered Facebook to switch off their new face recognition feature.

But Facebook indicates that the disabling of its face recognition feature will be only for the temporary period. Mr. Richard Allan who is the EMEA director of policy of Facebook said that they main aim is to restore its tag-suggestion feature, however uniform latest guidelines.

In the month of June, Facebook has purchased face.com from an Israeli company that has face recognition software. We all know that Facebook has the biggest database in the world of the images of the people.

The new face.com technology has the capability to hold the camera of the smart phone up to a face of the person in the room, street or a crowd so that the device can easily recognize the face as well as offer all biographical details about that person.

The Norwegian data protection regulator has been toiling together with the Irish regulator whereas the German regulator says that he is potentially waiting for the Irish regulator to report Germany before it resumes investigations.

The Article 29 Data Protection Working Party of EC has order that once the agreement is withdrawn than the processing of the face recognition purposes must be immediately stopped.

This implies that the people will be allowed to stop themselves from being subjected to the new Facebook face recognition feature by simply objecting the technology but if the people do not object than they will be subjected to be recognized.

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