Facebook boost fears with its new ad tracking

Currently Facebook is toiling with the controversial data firm known as Datalogix which can easily track if the people who view advertisement on the social networking website will end up to purchase those products available in the stores.

Due to the increasing pressure upon the social networking website to affirm the value of their ads, Facebook is constantly wading into the latest techniques in order to utilize data and track about the users that increases concerns about the privacy advocates.

Brad Smallwood who is the head of the measurement and insights of Facebook said that they heard from the markers that they need to push even further in order to help them to do a good job.

Datalogix has been buying data from around 70m households of America largely drawn from the programs and loyalty cards at over 1,000 retailers, involving drug and grocers stores. Simply by matching the email addresses and other personal information related with those cards with the emails and other information utilized to create an account on Facebook, Datalogix will be able to track whether the people purchased a product from the store after viewing advertisement on Facebook.

This email addresses and other personal information has been made anonymous as well as collected into two categories of people who viewed ads and those users who did not saw the ads. Datalogix accumulates a report for the Facebook as well as of the advertisers in order to measures which demographic aim and creative approach has persuaded users to purchase particular products offline.

Mr Smallwood said that Facebook is paying money for the data-matching to Datalogix. Till now, the two firms have measured about 45 ads campaigns as well as in 70% of the cases, for each dollar that a marketer has spent for the ads on Facebook have earned an extra $3 in the additional sales.

Marketers are anxious for various data in order to know how the ad campaigns of Facebook has performed but some of them said that they are still working to calculate the latest data. Ford told that the information provided was encouraging, but the spokesman also added that it will be too early to offer a formal view.

Some of the privacy advocates are questioning whether this practice breaks the $9.5m settlement. The US Federal Trade Commission has criticized Facebook on the charges that Facebook has deceived the users by not keeping its privacy promises.

The users of Facebook are added automatically in the advertisement analysis conducted by Datalogix, while cannot directly logout from their Facebook account. Rather the user will have to enter the site of Datalogix.

Executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, a privacy group, Jeff Chester said that this new practice does not offer the users of Facebook with necessary control of their data or with the transparency over the way it is utilized.

He also said that they do not rely on the offline-online data should be utilized without the approval of the users and also an opt-in. Datalogix and Facebook told that individual-level purchasing data has not be shared with the Facebook or advertisers.

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