EE’s first live trail of 5G Mobile in Canary Wharf

UK’s leading Mobile Operator EE has announced that they have beginned their live trial of 5G technology in Montgomery Square situated in Canary Wharf, London. The trial will test the coverage & speed of the wireless broadband and performance of the new spectrum and the hardware devices.

The Montgomery Square is a main and busy area where around 150000 people are passing through it regularly and there are many businesses situtated in that area. EE said that testing in the high capacity zone is critical part for them to launch and first commercial deployments will start by the yearend 2019.

5G Technology Lead at BT Group – Fotis Karonis said that the live test of 5G is their latest milestone in 5G rollout in a busy spot and there will be demand for high capacity mobile network from the customers. As they upgrade constantly to 4G network and starting the work for developing 5G network, they are able to deliver the needs of their customers & vertical industries that use 5G. They were the pioneers with 4G in the UK and the current move on 5G trail shows the UK’s first live trail on 5G network.

Head of Technology at Canary Wharf Group – Mark Nallen said that it is critical to have great connectivity & new technologies to their community. For that they have partnership with BT supporting for delivery of 5G. The resident consumers and businesses here will get better connected with the new network and also businesses will get a chance to tie up with BT to understand the capabilities of 5G.

The current announcement shows that EE might be doing testing on mobile environment first. It is different from testing of the fixed wireless broadband which was told in their original press release. And the problem in testing in mobile environment is that no one is having smartphone supporting 5G as of now. The original announcement says about the proposal of deploying at 10 sites of 5G fixed wireless broadband that 5 homes & 5 businesses, focusing on areas of Old Street, City Road, Chiswell Street and Hoxton Square. But the current update says that this will be done later this month in East London.

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