EE sets up 90 masts to boost 4G mobile coverage across Scotland

With the completion of the 90th brand new mast, mobile operator EE has within the last 12 months boosted their landmass coverage of their 4G network to reach more than 75% of Scotland. However, overall landmass coverage of the UK by EE stands at 90%. EE (BT) intends to set up further additionally 200 mast sites across Scotland in the ensuing months, besides upgrading some of the existing 2G serving sites. The sites that have currently gone live are in Tarland and Ballogie (in Aberdeenshire), Sandwick (in Shetland Isles), Lamlash (in Isle of Arran), Carsphairn (Dumfries and Galloway), Gorthleck and Lock Tarff (The Highlands).

As EE deploys its network as part of the £1.2 billion contract, signed with the government for the new Emergency Services Network (ESN), many areas previously not covered by any other operator are also being covered. ESN uses 4G voice and data services to connect 300,000 emergency services personnel across the UK. Apparently, the masts built for the ESN should be useful to rival operators like O2 , ThreeUK and Vodafone. EE intends to increase their landmass coverage to 95% of Britain by the end of 2020.

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