EE launches over 4G network and Wi-Fi, the Enhanced HD Voice tech

EE, the major UK mobile operator, has announced the launch of the new Enhanced HD Voice calling technology, over their existing 4G network and Wi-Fi Calling service. The technology will further enhance the sound quality over phone calls. This technology is not new, but the operator claims its better. Enhanced HD Voice (EVS) supports its codec into the chipset of the device or smartphone. The software then combines with improvements to the acoustic design. So, phones with microphones and speakers capable of covering an expanded audio frequency range reflect the enhancement.

Although the mobile operators existing 4G calling service is available over their network, not all smartphones can support the new EVS tech. However, the operator points that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus from Apple would be the first to support it. MD of Marketing at EE, Max Taylor, said that their launch of the very latest tech is for their customers to get the best performance on their devices. He pointed out that they have 4G in more places in UK than any other operator and the fastest speeds on it. Their launching of EVS gives calls the highest quality and most reliability he added.

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