EE launches Connected Retail, solution to ASDA stores

EE, the telecoms provider, has announced the launch of a new business solution called Connected Retail, that helps shop chains and supermarkets to improve upon customer experience, using mobile technologies. The first recipient would be ASDA, as EE is already set to début the managed service in 575 of their stores across the UK.

Connected Retail has mapping technology, an innovation to track the whereabouts of customers within the supermarket. This can be used by the retailers to tackle queues before they build up or when they get too long. Research by EE has found in a survey that British retailers probably lose about £1 billion per year over queues, as 77% of shoppers abandon the line after a maximum wait of 5 minutes. Customers shopping in-store feel the check-out process as the worst part.

ASDA’s branded Wi-Fi service installed in-store would be put to use to send personalised offers and discounts right to the customer’s mobile device. ASDA has more than 80,000 subscribers on their service. Store managers can save time by completing admin tasks using tablets on the shop floor, says EE. Thus they get 7 more hours, to work with staff and customers, in a week. The service can cross refer the use of online shopping apps by customers, to provide better data for in-store promotions. EE has integrated the Connected Retail platform to its Total Enterprise Mobility solution that can allow retailers and employees to control the in-store eco-system.

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