EE forms new alliance for 5G and 4G LTE technology

EE, UK’s mobile giant, has formed a new alliance with other mobile operators to facilitate the development of technology in LTE- Broadcast (LTE-B). The technology enables mobile operators to send to all mobile phone users of an area, a single stream of data. Partners to the alliance include Verizon (USA), kt (South Korea) and Telstra (Australia).

This tech solution will help mobile operators to enter fully the TV or video streaming market, with an advantage of streaming live events. Another advantage is the operator can use this system of content delivery as it is much more efficient on the network than sending a user an individual stream.

The LTE-B system , also known as Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS), can help deliver over-the-air broadcast, as in device updates, critical communications for public safety, enterprise group communication, customer weather warnings, digital signage, marketing, Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and much more.

The newly formed LTE-B Alliance wants to pull in other operators, chipset and device makers, to help form the future of this technology, which has promise, as other broadcast style video technology have been tried out, but with mixed results.

The LTE-B system has an interesting array of new service options to prospect, plus the much better connectivity currently available to back it up. However, only time will tell how operators will e able to deliver something truly worthwhile.

EE’s Head of Video Strategy, Matt Stag, said they initially will focus on the benefit of live and linear video and will launch, in 2017 live, services. He added that now the LTE-B Alliance will focus on use cases for IoT, critical communication services and 5G future, plus provide awareness of this important technology and ensure benefits be soon realised.

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