Dynamode USB 2.0 VOIP Phone for Skype & Messenger LCD Display

Dynamode USB 2.0 VOIP Phone for Skype & Messenger LCD Display is especially designed to make voice communication in any place across the world. To make phone call to a person residing in different country is very costly but with this VOIP phone solves this problem. This device is ideal for both home and business voice communication. This reliable and efficient device requires good speed broadband internet service to make both national and international calls at an affordable cost. Internet facility has become part and parcel of our life and for which one has to pay monthly rental.

The user can communicate as much as one desire over VoIP while the cost of the internet will remain the same. To make voice calls one will need to have beside internet connection and PC are the speakers, microphone, keypad and USB audio which is available with this gadget. This device is designed to make and receive VoIP calls. It can be used with Yahoo messenger, Skype, AIM, MSN Messenger, NetMeeting, Net2Phone and other supported internet telephony software. This handy device comes with LCD display screen that will display the call information. With the help of this handset one can make natural and crystal clear voice conversation without any interruption.

The easy plug and play feature of the device helps the consumer straight from the box without requiring any software or drivers to install it. The device does not need any external power supply to function effectively. The device produces excellent quality of sound for clear voice conversation. The echo cancellation and noise reduction feature of the handset minimizes the surrounding noise and eliminates the echo while engaged in voice conversation. It can be easily and quickly connected with the computer through USB 2.0 port. The handset is compatible with H.32, MGCP and SIP protocol. Full duplex communication is possible with the help of this phone that supports firewall and NAT with virtual IP protection. Dynamode USB 2.0 VOIP Phone has the net weight of 249g. Free phone calls can be done easily among the PC users with the help of this device.

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