Draytek Vigor 2910VG VPN Dual WAN Wireless Broadband Router

Draytek has spawned a high performance wireless router in the name of vigor 2910 VG Dual WAN  wireless broadband router. The router supports VoIP and it purveys efficient firewall protection. For the purpose of linking of branch office or Tele-workers (distant workers), it provides 32 VPN tunnels simultaneously. All the functional areas of Vigor 2910 have fine security features.

The router has two WAN interfaces. One is primary and the other one is secondary. Primary interface is a Base T Ethernet (10/100) which is nothing but the connection to the outside world. Secondary WAN interface is used when there is a back up fail-over in the primary one or sometimes used for the bandwidth aggregation and load balancing in the network. Any LAN Ethernet port can be selected and used as the secondary interface. In the absence of second WAN feed, you can use the selected WAN port as a normal LAN port.

The USB port of this router can be used as a WAN interface for a cellular 3G USB modem supporting the advanced ‘HSDPA’ type of networks which can provide a connection speed of about 3.4 Mbps which is far better than the existing GSM cellular (GPRS) systems. You can be able to have broadband connection anywhere in UK without any wired lines. But the SIM and the USB modem will not be given with the router. You need to buy yourself from your GSM Company.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is simply a method to transfer the private data with the help of public network (i.e. internet) between branch offices. Actually this router acts as a VPN end point or concentrator to a number of remote sites. Industry standard protocols like PPTP, IPSec etc. are being used by this VPN with greater encryption standards as MPPE, DES and AES. No need of additional licenses for the users.

An enhanced firewall of full packet level facility comes with this router. SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) along with NAT and non-NAT IP routed modes are also employed. Automatic protection against IP anti spoofing and Denial/Distributed denial of service attacks is available with this vigor 2910. User can also be able to design filters on their own so as to exhibit additional protective criteria. An object oriented system is being employed to design a more flexible filter. In the case of foiled and potential attacks, the user would be intimated through email by the router by making use of sys-log facility. Content filtering facility is also there which abandons the users from using unsecured sites.

Dual phone ports are available with the router for VoIP. With the help of this VoIP, you can be easily capable of communicating with the remote users by means of voice calls with your broadband capacity. The voice calls would be free of cost since the users are purveyed with always-ON ADSL connection. If you have VoIP service in your office or home reveals that you have additional facility for making voice calls without any phone line. You can easily make phone calls world wide in no time. All the features and the functionalities of this Draytek vigor 2910 wireless router make it highly flexible, secured and efficient with comparatively greater network performance.

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