Draytek Vigor 2820N Wireless Router

The time to be aware of different routers in the market has come. Here’s a snippet about the famous routers from the DrayTek series. The DrayTek Vigor 2820N proves to be the best with its high speed internet connection and security. Among all other routers, DrayTek router gives a stunning performance with more functions and features. For internet access the secondary WAN port is used, which highlights the feature of DrayTek 2820N router. The advanced option which makes the routes to be an apt choice is security and connectivity.

With its additional WAN port also said to be Ethernet port, the router can be used for cable-modem and other apps. For WAN backup and load balancing secondary interface can be used. The operating system of the router is DrayOS 3 which gives a stylish look for the design which stays compatible with all types of ADSL. Wireless distribution system supports bridging and repeating. In order to increase the wireless range of LAN in DrayTek 2 modes of operations are present. In the repeater mode of WDS, a unit called slave unit that repeats the signal within its area of coverage. On the other hand the bridge mode joins 2 separate LAN wirelessly so that communication occurs. For high speed internet connectivity a Gigabit Ethernet port is present on the WAN side.

A very special feature that makes DrayTek differ from other router is IEEE 802.11n (draft 2.0) standard specification supported by the router. This feature provides best connectivity by increasing the coverage area. The entire wireless capacity of DrayTek 2820N ranges up to a maximum of 300Mb/s. Depending on the aerial arrangement the resilience can be increased considerably. Certain other features that can be mentioned about DrayTek 2820N are the dual-WAN ports can be used for ASDL as well as cable modem, it supports 3G debility also. It works out to be efficient content filtering and server for robust and comprehensive firewall features. The QoS features include VPN dial facilities with hardware coprocessor. The USB port can be either used for printer sharing or for 3G modem connection. The configuration seems to be high but the installation and monitoring process is very easy.

This DrayTek router along with its 802.11n (draft 2.0) standard gives a latest technology called ‘MIMO’ containing 3 aerials (2T3R). Many new methods like packet aggregation and channel bonding are included in the wireless LAN features. Other features include different types of encryption like 64/128-bit WEP and WPA / WPA2. This Wireless Router also provides restriction for the access from a list of clients. When it comes to the issue of firewall and security this DrayTek provides various features. It proves to be a very good measure for various types of attacks which includes denial of service, attacks based on IP and attacks through unauthorised access. Besides, it has a compact dimension of 241mm depth, 165mm width and 44mm height. From the wide range of features this DrayTek 2820N gives more flexibility to the users with the rules and regulations it provides.