Download Speed is Not the Critical Factor, Says Pipex

Pipex Internet, a business internet service provider that offers the SMEs in the UK, an array of broadband packages. They are also one of the lot who offer ADSL high speed broadband connections, especially to satiate the needs of businesses. In this segment, the downstream speeds offered by Pipex around 16Mbps is quiet impressive.

Quiet recently, they launched a new broadband package meticulously designed to cater for the requirements of medium and small sized businesses. The prices of the package versions start from GBP 19.50 per month, excluding VAT for the up to 16Mbps fast Pipex Pro Enhanced upstream connection.

The main attraction here is however,  could be the prospect of more consistent and faster uploading, marked by speeds that can be about six times faster than basic broadband packages that are ADSL based.

According to the marketing and product director of  Pipex Lance Spencer, the new packages would help them to offer businesses the dependability required by them from their connection to run multiple real-time application at a time. He added that many considered the critical performance factor necessary for businesses is a high download speed, which is a misconception.

He also said that the assured and enhanced upstream offered, would liberate small professional services providing businesses, such as design, technology, architecture, etc. On the cost factors of the new package, Spencer stressed that it would also be availed at a fraction of the cost of conventional BT SDSL services, which would make it an exciting proposition for businesses.

As this service is also based on ADSL 2+ technology, it allows up to 2.5Mbps upstream speeds that means companies will be enabled to carry out video conferencing and voice over internet protocol more effectively.

Other five most popular business broadband Packages offered by Pipex are; Pipex Business Premium+, Pipex Business Premium, Pipex Business Pro, Pipex Business Express and Pipex Business Lite. Besides, Pipex also offers prioritized traffic, static IP and a free wireless router to their business customers.


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