Does Winfax Work With Broadband?

A broadband customer would be able to use WinFax without the service of an extra modem depending on the kind of broadband internet connection that the customer has signed up for his home.

It is notable that the broadband service provided to the user by an ISP of the locality may allow him to use WinFax through an older analogue broadband modem, as WinFax can seldom work over a standard broadband internet connection directly. For this customer must install specific software as well.

It is also important to note that WinFax cannot be used with broadband internet through satellite internet service or cable broadband, although the use of an analogue modem can still do the job for the user.

Meanwhile, a few WinFax users have reported issues while attempting to engage an analogue broadband modem connection, while having an active DSL internet. The reason for this is that the internet service is provided by the same supplier that provides their telephone service.

Here an interference is caused between the telephone line and UK broadband internet connection as the consumer switches on the WinFax connection. The two lines can be filtered using the filtering software provided by the phone company, avoiding the interference caused by WinFax software while being connected.

Satellite and cable broadband internet connections do not suffer from similar interference when WinFax software is used, since these connections do not travel via the same lines as DSL and telephone connections. The user can send faxes from his computer by using WinFax without requiring any particular filter for the internet connection.

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