Disability Services online

All of us feel disabled at some point. It can be a result of illness, accidental damage or old age. Similarly, the barriers to telecommunication for the disabled arise with the terminal equipment or in the network. However, modern Telecommunication have influenced the integration of the disabled people with the rest of the world.

Problems for the disabled

The problems for the disabled in using the telecommunication is diversified, based on the type of disability. Some of the major problems include inability of viewing displays and markings, inability of hearing sounds or speech and difficulty in handling the equipments.

Solution for these problems require a combined action both with the network and terminal. Network operators and equipment manufacturers, should provide enough information about accessibility both to the subscribers and customers.

Guidelines for the disabled in choosing a Provider

  1. Enquire if the service providers are sensitive to disabled customers in general.
  2. Before purchase, investigate the content of the provider’s website to know how accommodating and sensitive they are towards the disabled people.
  3. Check if there is any dedicated service available exclusively for the disabled.
  4. Deaf users might look out for free voice minutes against increased use of SMS, while choosing a mobile phone.
  5. Also users who wish to make phone calls using sign language, should choose a broadband provider who provides static IP address. This can help users to make and receive calls.

Services available for customers with disabilities

  1. Text relay service allows speech to text and text to speech translation. Fixed line requires a telephone, but this facility varies in a mobile phone. 3-mobile, Orange, O2-mobile and T-mobile service can be accessed using a portable keyboard while Vodafone uses an integrated terminal.
  2. Directory enquires and Onward connection is provided for people who have visual difficulties. This service can be access by dialing 195 and is PIN protected.
  3. Priority fault repair is an urgent repair service offered for disabled customers at standard rate.
  4. Nominated Third Party Service, enable nominated individuals to act on behalf of the disabled people.
  5. Alternative Billing Service provide different formats of bills such as large prints, Braille or Audio.

Disability services for Telecom Providers in UK


3-mobile disability services – provide support through Minicom.


: 08003-596-799


: disabilityservices@3mail.com


: 3 Customer Services, Hutchison 3G UK Ltd, PO Box-333, Glasgow, G2-9AG.


AOL accessibility help – is a central location for the disabled customers to find tips on the various accessibility features of our products and services.

British Telecom

BT Sign – is the support website of BT which is designed exclusively for elderly and disabled users. This service provides information about contact, fault report, usage of computers, broadband, etc.

Text phone users can contact BT with 18001 pre-fix. (Phone no: 18001-020-7356-5000)

Bull Dog Broadband

Bull Dog Broadband – provide a wide variety of services like relay chat, directory, different formats of billing, etc, to help the disabled customers.Please note that existing Bull Dog Customers would receive help from Pipexuk.com

Text relay

: 18001-0871 663 3300

Text helpline

: 0871 663 3300


: enquiries@otelo.org.uk


Demon APART – is a customer service which helps visually impaired or other disabled customers of Demon.

Telephone support

: 01702-547-876

Orange Mobile

Orange disability policy – allows disabled customers to obtain bills in large prints, in the form of audio tapes and Braille. Users can request these types of bills by contacting 0870-872-0099.


Plusnet disability services – provides assistance for the disabled customers to assist in billing. Also many forms of bills are provided based on request. Customers who are visually impaired can register for the service at 0800-597-0195. The customers with hearing impaired can use the BT text direct service.

Text direct codes

Text to text

: 18001

Text to voice

: 18001

Voice to text

: 18002

Emergency services

: 18000

SKY Broadband

SKY accessibility services – help users to know about sky products and services to all types of customers including those who are visually impaired, hearing and mobility impaired.

Customer care

: 0844-241-0333

Text Phone

: 0844-241-0535


: accessiblecustomerservice@bskyb.com


T-mobile disability services – provide information related to t-mobile products and services.


: 122

Other Phone

: 08081-211-122

Text Phone

: 08081-219-783


: 08454-124-412

Text Message

: 07956-569-838


: Contact t-mobile


: 08702-409-598 for text / 08702-405-152 for voice

PAYG Abroad

: 150 from t-mobile / #33*1234#

Pay monthly Abroad

: 150 from t-mobile / +44-7953-966-150 for other phone

Talk Talk

TalkTalk disability services


: 08700-872-001


: http://www.talktalk.co.uk/emailus


: P.O.Box- 360, Southampton, SO30 2LY


Vodafone disability services – provide a wide range of telecom products and support for the disabled customers.

Vodafone mobile

: 33222

Other Phone

: 08700-733-222


: disability.access@vodafone.co.uk

Text Phone

: 020-8288-8038 (account related queries) / 01635-689-071 (products & services)


: 08701-616-500 (account related queries) / 01635-689-102 (products & services)


: Vodafone Customer care, Vodafone house, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14-2FN.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Literature (PDF file) – is a service which offers large print, Braille and audio format bills on request. Users can raise a request by contacting the customer care with full name, address and telephone number.

Virgin Mobile

: 150

Other Phone

: 08454-541-111


: theteam@virginmobile.com



Ability Net – is a national charity which is registered in Scotland, England and Wales. They are expertise and have almost 20 years of experience in helping the disabled to adapt and adjust to the right information and communication technology.

British Deaf Association – is the largest deaf organization in UK which is run for the benefit of deaf people by the deaf people.

RNIB – is a leading charity in UK which offers information, support and advice to two million people with sight loss.

Disabilities Trust – is a personal care and specialist housing for people with autism, brain injury, physical disability and learning disability.

Radar – is the largest disability campaigning organizations in UK with more than 900 organizations and individual campaigners.

FAST – is the charity which works with voluntary and private organization to bring innovative products based on disabled and older people.

Mencap – works with disabled people to change the laws, services and challenge prejudice.

Skill – is a National Bureau of students with disabilities which promotes quality education, training and employment for the disabled.

Northern Ireland

Disability Action – assures disabled people to attain their full rights as citizens. They help people of Northern Ireland who have physical, mental, sensory and hidden disabilities.


Disability Wales – is a national association of disabled people in Wales. They help the disabled to achieve their rights equality and independence.


Capability Scotland – is a major organization for the disabled based, which is based in Scotland.

Update – is an organization based in Scotland which is controlled by disabled people to promote the social model of disability.


Equality Human Rights – provides advice and guidance on the rights, safety and legal resources for the disabled.

Ofcom – Find the principles and key performance indicators for a quality relay service.

W3C – provides information related to better accessibility on web pages. This would be helpful for web page creators and website owners.

Advice, Ideas and Reports for the disabled

Ofcom Advisory Committee – considers the views and expression of old and disabled citizens towards broadcasting and telecommunication.

Direct Gov – offers a disability and carers service hears to complaints where a disabled citizen is unhappy about their claims.

Ability Hub – is a part of Assistive Technology Solution which guides disabled computer users, by providing alternative methods and techniques.

U Can do it – teaches the disabled computer users on internet and email skills.

BBC-ouch – is an exclusive online news channel for the disabled who showcases interviews, talk shows, disability news, etc.

DLF – is a national charity which provides tips and information on daily living aids for the disabled.

DLS – is a high quality information and advice to disabled and deaf people.

Home Modifications – is a collection of stories and photographs submitted by the disabled which provides innovative ideas for home modification.

Disability Allowances

Direct Gov (PDF) – has created a complete guide listing the allowance for disabled students.

Student Finance Ni – provides information related to the allowance provided to the disabled students in UK.

Disability Directory

Ableize – is one of the largest directory which provides UK Disability & Disabled Information. Most importantly it’s run and maintained by the disabled people.

Disabled holiday Directory – provides information related to holiday planning for the disabled.

Good Access Guide – is a directory for various disability services.

Accessibility commitment by Web Giants

Apple – has been a major player for nearly 20 years in creating friendly solutions for the disabled people in their products.

Microsoft – is one of the leading manufacturers of user friendly operating system and system software. Their accessibility features make computer easier to see, hear and use.

Google – has got greater plans in making information more accessible.

Yahoo – Check out the huge list of accessibility features of Yahoo.

Facebook – provides help and support for people with disabilities.

Accessible twitter – is an application which is similar to twitter and is specifically designed for disabled users.