Digital Scotland adds 170,000 more premises on BT’s Fibre Broadband

The Digital Scotland project announced recently the addition of 170,000 more premises in its deployment of fibre broadband in Scotland, which significantly adds to the 150,000 connections set up in November of this year. The Digital Scotland programme supported by a £408.9 million state aid, aims to reach 85% of Scotland’s premises with BT’s fibre broadband, by next year end.

Currently more funds are being allocated for upgrades beyond the actual completion dates. Although current programme aims to reach 85% of homes and businesses of Scotland by 2015, it hopes to reach 95% of Scottish premises with fibre broadband only by end of 2017.

The Highlands and Islands (HIE) projects get funding from public entities like Scottish government, Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) through BDUK, HIE and local authorities from the area intended to be covered, to the tune of £125million. BT is putting in £19 million here. The ‘Rest of Scotland’ project gets a total of £264million. The Scottish government, ERDF, DCMS through BDUK and the 27 local authorities involved, are putting in £157 million into the project, with BT adding £106.7 million into it.

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