Deal between Level3 and CityFibre will step-up UK’s fibre-optic broadband capacity

CityFibre is one of UK’s leading fibre-optic infrastructure providers that builds dedicated fibre-optic networks for its customers in both private and public sectors. They have announced a new capacity deal, to launch across the UK the 1Gbps services for Level 3 Communications. The operator which builds ultra-fast 100Mbps+ fibre-optic (FTTH) broadband networks for big cities and towns, stated the deal will mean that their metropolitan networks will connect to Level3’s global IP networks.

The network will provide “enterprise-grade connectivity”, focused on providing business solutions, through its new Leased Line services. The roll-out is expected in the next 12 months and York would be one of the first to benefit by it. Business connectivity can act as a catalyst for further expansion of network into domestic or residential markets.

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