Customers’ rate marks EE as the worst mobile network 2013

EE has been rated as the worst mobile network for the year 2013 although the provider has been promoting 4G service throughout this year. 160 towns and cities were rolled out with 4G service. But customers seemed to be least satisfied with this thus bringing the approval rating fall four fold lower.

Based on a report on SMIX survey, customers rate a network on the scale between 1 and 10 on how they would recommend it to a friend. It was found that the rating fell sharply below to a score of minus 5 to minus 20. Though EE was the largest joint network in the United Kingdom, it faced numerous problems in delivering service to such large extent as well and hence attracted negative impact on the customers. This led to a fall in the satisfaction levels. Owing to these factors, EE pledged more than £250m in order to improve its infrastructure and deliver better broadband service.

According to a spokesman at EE, it has the biggest network in the UK and hence is working on several programmes to improve its broadband service. Interestingly, EE was the first to launch 4G service in October 2012.

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