Cumbria’s rural community rolls out own FTTH network

Too remote to be considered in the BDUK roll-out, Ravenstonedale’s fibre broadband project is just one of two to get support from the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF) as a joint BDUK and BT initiative, besides the funding from TalkTalk Digital Heroes, The Holehird Trust, the Prince’s Countryside Fund and Community Contributions. Partnering BT Openreach, the local parish gave the contract for the network under Fell End Broadband, to T S Trenching, a local engineering company. The 15 km cable installation was completed last week.

After some testing of the FTTH network installed in the south-east Cumbrian village, the lines would be available for ISPs in the coming weeks, and residents will get free installation and also can choose an appropriate ISP package using BT Openreach. Roy Stewart, the local MP, expressed his appreciation of the achievement by the local residents of the village and for the completion of Fell End’s infrastructure work in such a short time.

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