Converting 3G spectrum bands into 4G mobile broadband by EE

EE, a Mobile Operator and a part of BT, has informed that they have started converting their 2100 MHZ radio spectrum band 3G mobile services into 4G Mobile broadband for improving their speed and reliability.

As of now, the existing LTE (4G+) Advanced standard which supports Carrier Aggregation technology and enables the mobile operators to combine spectrum from multiple bands to improve data speeds. This will also support the Five Carrier Aggregation or combination of 5 different bands at a time. Almost all the latest 4G Smartphones launched in 2018 and few in 2017 can already support 5CA.

As the demand for mobile data usage is tremendously getting increased, this re-farming will help to support the high data usage and speed. The locations which are going to get benefited will be the main areas of high demand say London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Hull, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, Nottingham, Cardiff and Belfast. The process of re-farming will be carried out by EE over the next six months at more than five hundred mobile towers.

CEO of BT’s Consumer Business – Marc Allera said that as their customers need a reliable and fast 4G connectivity they are working to give them with best services. The operator is using the investment that they made in 3G spectrum before 15 years and going to build their foundation for 5G in the year 2019. They are evolving constantly and the customer experience of 5G will be based on the the quality of the 4G network.

The operator EE hopes that they are going to be the first provider in the country to start a limited 5G commercial deployment or partial 5G services by the end of 2019. Eventhough larger deployment will not take place until Ofcom’s release of required spectrum in 2020. The first 5G services may be fixed wireless links for which trials will take place soon. At last, EE says that 3G usage is getting reduced fastly as the customers started use of making their maximum calls over 4G or WiFi based solutions.

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