Consumers today not preferring bundles of Broadband, TV and landline phone

More number of people are not selecting a bundle for their broadband, TV and landline phone services put together in a package. This has been found out by research of Rootmetrics, as 15% of consumers have ‘cut the cord’ and another 18% are planning to do it by end of the year. Nearly half of those who pulled out, say they are moving off from triple-play services just because they see they aren’t getting good enough value for money. Another 28% said they have more confidence in their broadband service. Whereas, 23% said they are happy with their paid-for streaming services, like Netflix, Now TV and Amazon Prime and their programmes offered.

Hyperoptic’s Chief Customer Officer, Steve Holford, said Brits are making it clear by ‘cutting the cord’ that they deserve and want from their providers better value and ask why should they pay for services not wanted. He remarked that the industry has the responsibility to change, responding to people’s preferences or habits. He insisted that all providers should actually offer instead contract-free and broadband-only alternatives.

The Chief Customer Officer observed that streaming services offered are so good in quality and choice that it makes sense financially to ‘cut the cord’ of paid-for TV. The roll-out of hyperfast broadband is a catalyst to cutting the cord in future, he pointed out, stressing that the only issue is customer experience. Hyperoptic had earlier offered a free speed boost to its subscribers, giving those on its 20Mbps package of fibre broadband & phone, to get up to 30Mbps speeds. Those on the 100Mbps package, got an upgrade to 150Mbps.

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