Connection of 1 Gbps FTTH in first apartments of Belfast by ISP B4B Networks

One of the ISPs B4B Networks which is mainly focused on business premises in Northern Ireland, has now connected first residential apartment block with their Gigabit capable FTTH broadband network in Belfast.

As per the updates from Ofcom reveals that Northern Ireland is having coverage of only 89% of 30 Mbps superfast broadband network, 38% of 300 Mbps ultrafast network, 12% of FTTP/FTTH network. Whereas various ISPs, such as Openreach, Virgin Media, are planning to improve 1Gbps+ full fibre network in NI and even B4B Networks has also earlier said that they will expand their services to residential premises also.

Recently B4B appears to have started their network expansion with Hyperoptic by first residential deployment in Belfast which seems to be concentrated on big apartment blocks. There is a new agreement with Dream Apartments and it manages many Multi Dwelling Units in the city. The rollout for full fibre rollout list of apartments of Dream Apartments include Obel Apartments in Belfast City Centre, St Thomas Hall Apartments in Lisburn Road and Sanford Apartments in Sanford.

Out of these, the Obel apartments has got connection and gone live whereas St Thomas Hall, Sanford are due to follow next. But there are no full details about the services and prices offered for these apartments.

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