Community Fibre’s aspiration to bring 10Gbps Broadband

The CEO of London based ISP Community Fibre, Jeremy Chelot has in his interview expressed that he wants to have a full fibre USO and he aspires to achieve 10 Gbps broadband to cover 1 million+ UK premises by the year 2025.

As the emergence of new generation alternate broadband network providers over the past few years, they tend to bring gigabit broadband to those areas which have been left earlier. Most of the providers have created their own models and no doubt Community Fibre also joined in 2013 to provide services in full fibre market.

The ISP, which has raised around £40 m, focuses on serving large social buildings by dealing with local authorities in the urban areas. Most of their projects have been executed in London, though their CEO aims to bring their models in other important major cities in the UK targeting on new build premises by using existing cable ducts of Openreach. It is easy and cheap to bring FTTH network to the new build premises.

The ISP is expected to cover around 60000 homes in London with their 1Gbps capable FTTH network extension by the yearend 2018 and as of now their coverage is at 25000 to 30000. The operator has been entered into contract to execute 150000 homes and aims to cover 500000 by the year 2020. Jeremy said that he also aspires to reach a million plus premises with 10 Gbps network to all by the year 2025.

The ISP has also reduced their monthly prices on residential broadband packages:

Basic: With an average speed of 40 Mbps at a price of £17 per month (actual: £20)

Ultrafast: With an average speed of 200 Mbps at a price of £25 per month (actual: £35)

Gigafast: With an average speed of 920 Mbps at a price of £47 per month (actual: £50)

The above rates are valid upto 30th September 2018.

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