Commsworld moves to new office at London

The business focused Commsworld is a leading Telecommunications network and internet service provider in the UK. They aim to provide all digital connectivity solutions to clients of all sectors. They manage optical core network and offer additionally cloud, security and voice solutions. The ISP aims to plan for 2000km+ long fibre optic cable of 8 around UK and they have moved to a new office in London for further expansion.

The ISP is at present having network coverage of 10000 km long metro dark fibre and 2000 km+ long distance fibre which are running through 25 towns and cities in the UK via 52 exchanges, 82 Points of Presence, 26 data centres with 130 Gbps peering & transit capacity. Their current plan comes after the ISP being joined with Cityfibre to connect existing dark fibre network in the areas of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

CEO of Commsworld – Ricky Nicol said that to have a base in London is really fantastic for them and it is an important step to become a truly UK wide organization. Whereas they can meet their partners and customers very easily and frequently. It is really exciting time for them which represents their next step in their business growth journey. They have also made huge investments in their network to ensure them market leading one and growing to sell and share from their new base at London.

The ISP will now use their new London base to motivate other ISPs to use their ultra-fast carrier network.

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