Colwyn Bay beach and promenade first to offer free Wi-Fi in North Wales

Some areas of Colwyn Bay beach and the promenade here, will be the fist in North Wales to offer a free Wi-Fi zone and could go into making a better digital future for Colwyn County. The free Wi-Fi zone is part of a 3-year pilot project that will help the public, from Porth Eirias to the pier, to get access to the internet on mobile devices.

According to a spokesperson of Colwyn County, the service would have some restrictions, including types of sites and content accessible, in times of access and maybe some limits on bandwidth speeds to ensure as many people possible may be able to use the free Wi-Fi service.

Colwyn’s cabinet member for communication, Councillor Mike Priestly, pointed out that quick access to information is increasingly important for businesses and users. With the council offices having public Wi-Fi available, providing it on the beach and promenade makes it a great facility for the waterfront at Colwyn Bay. He added he would like to have it on the high streets and open spaces when required. The manager for Colwyn town centre, Ingrid Lewis, said that it will encourage more people to come to the town centre and a great opportunity for businesses, with more people using the new free Wi-Fi facility.

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