Colchester got funding of £3.45m from LFFN fund

The Colchester Borough Council is a town in Essex County of southeast England. Colchester has recently informed that they have got £3.45 million public investment from Local Full Fibre Network fund of the UK Government. The funding will be helpful in extension of the existing ultrafast network in the area.

The businesses in the central part of the council are already having access to 1 Gbps based Dark Fibre network executed by the ISP County Broadband. Now there is a scope of extension from the existing network to other areas of the council to reach even homes and businesses.

As per the new extension plan, it will cover entire central Colchester, the Northern Gateway and bringing connections to Severalls Business Park, Greenstead and the Hythe. If they have enough funds, then there is a possibility of the network to be expandable to reach the rural areas in future.

The current extension will also plan to cover both homes and businesses as till now the network has not been covered the residents.

UK Minister for Digital (DCMS) – Margot James MP said that they are building a Britain which is fit for future and their plans on full fibre network are as per modern Industrial Strategy. The current investment boost of £3.45m in Colchester will help to execute the network extension for which the council has already done tremendous work and congratulating them on their achievement.

Councilor Nick Barlow said that this is wonderful news that Colchester has secured such investment for execution of their plans to bring ultrafast broadband network in the area for growth for Colchester’s economy.

The council has a prediction that the network can support to drive inward investment and for their online and creative businesses. They said that with the network extension, it will help for the growth of the economy by 6%.

The Colchester Amphora Trading is managing the funding and also will look after the deployment process on behalf of the council. Already the pre works have been started and the build will expect to begin in April 2019.

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