Clackmannshire rural broadband project

The rural broadband challenge fund earmarked by the Scottish parliament for helping the rural regions get access to faster internet services, has granted GBP 200,000 to Scotland’s Clackmannanshire Council to bring reasonable coverage to the notspots in the region.

The business broadband project undertaken by the Clackmannanshire Council dubbed ClackMax would target filling the business broadband notspot locations of the Forth Valley. WimAX wireless broadband solution will be used by the project for delivering download speeds of a minimum of 2 Mbps and up to 20Mbps.

The trial as a minimum will include the communicties of Alva East, Bandeath, Tillicoultry, Alloa West, Cambusbarron, South Alloa and areas of south west Stirling. Nevertheless, the exact extent of the coverage would not be known until the equipment is put in its place. It is also important that home consumers will also benefit from this project.

According to the chair of the Lomond Leader Group and Forth Valley, Peter Sunderland, the attractiveness of the solution lies in its being not limited just to business firms, with homes in the vicinity also standing to benefit.

Meanwhile, councillor and the holder of sustainability portfolio, Eddie Carrick looks more delightful in saying that he was delighted that their proposal has been recognised as a robust one besides their recieving the funding to carry that forward.

The trial was one of five bids in Scotland that were waiting for approval by Scottish parliament until last Friday. The commissioning as well as buying of the equipment will begin in the New Year.

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