Chesham puts free Wi-Fi under pavements on Virgin Media pilot

Chilten District Council is joining hands with Virgin Media to roll-out free Wifi across the high street of central Chesham. The unlimited Wifi service is a pilot by Virgin Media, using the pavements, as UK’s first ever Smart Pavement, to deliver out-of-home connectivity and capable of speeds of up to 166Mbps, which is several times higher than the national average.

The new network would cover also parts of the Lowndes Park spread over 36 acres. The pilot will deliver by way of a direct link from Broadband street-cabinets, to reach some 21,000 people across Chesham. Users can access the service by clicking on ‘Virgin-Media WiFi’ on the wireless setting of their device. Using the provider’s WiFi Buddy app, a Virgin Media Mobile customer using an android device can receive seamless access.

This initiative of Virgin Media is part of its effort to deliver nationwide better outdoor connectivity, the provider claims. It goes along its efforts to extend its ‘Vivid’ 200Mbps capable ultrafast network service, offering substantial upgrade of speeds and to become a trusted provider for homes and for access on the move.

Virgin Media’s Managing Director of Consumer, Gregor Mc Neil, said it is the first time that they built a metropolitan Wi-Fi right from street-cabinets. It is also the first Wi-Fi enabled pavement of UK and they want to build more like this across UK. Cabinet member for Customer Services of Chilten District Council, Fred Wilson the Chesham Town Councillor, opined that efficient connectivity being pivotal in running today’s businesses, they are proud to bring a UK first here with the Ultrafast Wi-Fi by Virgin.

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