Cheltenham gets Cityfibre’s 1 Gbps Full fibre broadband

Cityfibre has recently announced that they have completed their Gigabit capable full fibre network – FTTP/Ethernet and goes live in Cheltenham of Gloucestershire. The network deployment was announced in October 2017 itself, but it took too long time to complete and now covering around 200+ businesses in the town through the local ISP partner Bamboo.

The businesses mentioned are within 200 metres of their new fibre network of 16.65 km long. However Cheltenham has been already 500 Mbps+ based broadband service of Virgin Media and 300 Mbps+ based broadband services of Openreach.

The ISP Cityfibre is inviting all the local businesses for their Official launch event of the new network taking place on June 6 at Queens Hotel at Cheltenham.

Cityfibre’s Head of Sales (Wholesale) – Paul North said that they feel thrilled to work along with their partner Bamboo to execute deployment of new gigabit capable full fibre network at Cheltenham. Now Cheltenham gets the benefits of reliable and fastest download/upload speeds in the world and giving productivity benefits of businesses in the town.

Bamboo’s Manager Director – Lorrin White said that it is really great and wonderful to get involved in the building of core network infrastructure that will be a future proof of Cheltenham and benefiting the business community.

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