BT Vision Plus broadband and TV bundle with calls

The retail arm of BT, the prominent fixed line broadband and home phone provider operating in the United Kingdom, BT Retail has introduced a fresh budget priced bundle package combining their BT Vision television service and two TV and replay viewing packs with 20Mbps broadband connection.

The price of this cheap television and broadband bundle package that packs a data download allowance of 10GB and UK weekend unlimited phone calls, is GBP 20 a month. An additional GBP 10 is also payable as line rental.

The interested consumers in the United Kingdom needs to note that this new promotional offer from the telecommunications giant of the country is only available until March 31, 2011.

The BT Broadband, TV Entertainment, and Calls Deal also features unilimited WiFI (wireless broadband) minutes, unlimited phone calls to the United Kingdom landlines during weekends, including 0870 and 0845 numbers and basic online security.

Apart from these, the bundle package comes with Yahoo email addresses, secure online storage of 5GB, free BT Vision television box, optional ESPN channel at no additional cost, and free connection on an eighteen month contract.

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