CEO of Ofcom Sharon White quits from the authority

Sharon White is the CEO of Ofcom, the telecom regulating authority of the UK. She has informed that she will quit Ofcom by around the turn of the year. Now the regulating authority starts searching for a replacement.

Sharon White is an economics graduate and was an ex-Treasury official having experience of around 29 years in the public sector. She was having little knowledge in telecoms industry till she joined Ofcom and she had taken over the position of Chief Executive Officer from Ed Richards in 2015.

Sharon has been in the journey of major industry developments in her tenure in Ofcom and looked after review of digital communications and seen legal separation of BT from Openreach and merger of BT & EE. Sharon has encouraged more of full fibre network deployments, solved many disagreements between mobile operators and introduced many consumer protection measures such as automatic compensation system, mobile switchover and end of contract notifications.

Sharon White said that it was a great privilege for her to lead Ofcom. She will leave behind an organisation that is dedicated in its mission to make communications work for everyone.

Ofcom Chairman – Lord Burns said that Sharon is an outstanding CEO for the authority. Ofcom has done many things under her leadership such as delivering ultrafast broadband, 4G mobile and 5G and the regulator of the BBC.

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