Big Blue Rocket to expand coverage over Derby, with their Wireless Broadband Network

Big Blue Rocket, the ISP operating in the city of Derby in Derbyshire, have expanded their coverage over the city, with their superfast broadband network, to serve more residential and business customers. The alternative ISP typically builds a fibre optic broadband link and that feeds a transmission mast that is used to disperse their wireless […]

New broadband network built by Signa caters to Hutton Wandesley Estate and others

A new fixed-wireless broadband network has been built by Signa to cater to the Hutton Wandesley Estate, a rural business park in North Yorkshire. The superfast broadband service, designed and built after a lot of planning, will also help to serve not only isolated firms, but also can be expanded to reach local residents in […]

Wireless broadband capable of 30Mbps deployed in hamlet of Slippery Ford

The residents of Slippery Ford have been provided with a new fixed-wireless broadband service capable of up to 30Mbps speeds, by the ISP Boundless Networks. This tiny hamlet nesting in the Worth Valley of West Yorkshire, has been subject to sub-1Mbps brodband speeds for long. This is because the community is very far from the […]

‘Home Fibre’ broadband service at 1Gbps offered by Relish Wireless

The fixed-wireless ISP operating in London and Swindon, Relish Wireless, has offered on their website a new range of ‘Home Fibre’ broadband plans. The ISP, which had been acquired by Three UK, claims to offer to customers a “full fibre experience”. Apparently ultrafast speeds of 50Mbps to 1Gbps (download) are promised and the service can […]

Gillingham to get own Wi-Fi hotspot, with 5 other Dorset towns

A scheme to give Gillingham its own municipal wireless network will dramatically improve Wi-Fi coverage in the town centre. In fact, 5 towns of North Dorset, thanks to the Dorset County Council’s initiative- Superfast Broadband, would be getting their own public wireless network. The towns of Salbridge Blandford Forum, Sturminster Newton, Shafesbury and of course […]

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